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Who We Are

Arizona Swahili Radio

We are the Home to the most popular radio talk shows in Arizona, USA according to audience share. At Arizona Swahili Radio we plan our programming to connect with our audiences.
Our Programes:
Arizona Swahili Radio has 3 shows (Cheza Kikwetu, Saturday Biz and Sunday skull edition) which are vernacular to cater to the diverse cultures in the USA.


Home to the most popular radio talk shows in ARIZONA USA

Our Programs

Weekly Radio Shows

Cheza Kikwetu

Radio Show
This is show brings all the 42 communities of Kenya on the same platform, music played on this show varies from Swahili to all the vernacular languages in Kenya.

Saturday Biz

Radio Show
The main goal of this show is to help people become better investors and help in promoting businesses that our fellow Africans are doing in Arizona. “Our job is not to tell you what to think, but to teach you how to think about the market like a pro.”
We analyze stocks and look down on the notion of get rich quick tips.

“Saturday Biz is all about breaking into the country club.” It is for people who want to save for retirement or their kids’ college fund. It is not for people who think of it as a game and will not lose sleep if they lose a chunk of change. There are guest interviews during the show.

Sunday Skull Edition

Radio Show
This is the largest show that we host as Arizona Swahili radio with a mission of leading people to Christ and to nurture them in their spiritual growth through Christ-centered media. On this show we offer a blend of preaching, teaching, and compelling conversations to help connect faith to life on a digital space. We occupy and serve as an additional arm to the ministry of Arizona Swahili Radio.

Our Programs

Annual Events


Bringing Youths to Christ
This is an annual Gospel Music Award that takes place every December, its aim is to Promote, Expose and Celebrate Gospel talent in Arizona. Since its inception in 2020, artists/groups that were nominated got awarded from different categories.

The Objectives of BY2C (Bringing Youths to Christ) are to:
- Promote and connect Gospel artists from across Africa.
- Open doors for upcoming aspiring singers, songwriters, and musicians
- Raise the standards in the music industry.
- Promote local gospel artists and their music to a global audience.
- Unite gospel musicians through celebrating excellence in music.

A Dolla A Pad

The main purpose of this project is to help provide teenage girls and young women in the rural parts of Kenya with sanitary towel.

As you probably know, in the rural parts of Kenya young girls will often share their sanitary towels (usually scrap cloth) with their mothers or other women in the household. Of course, they are washed thoroughly between uses, but venereal diseases can be transmitted through sharing in spite of that. Also, the study shows that most of these underprivileged girls miss school for at least four days each month over menstruation. These issues are not talked about, due to embarrassment, lack of understanding and the low priority of such problems in the face of starvation, violence, death, illiteracy and the many struggles of daily life.

You can prevent this by sending money to purchase these vital items locally!!! Sanitary towel and underwear cost $1 USD and can be used in a clean healthy way for one month.

For a mere $12 USD you can sponsor a girl for a year and ensure that she always has her own sanitary towels and underwear.
For $120 you can sponsor 10 girls or one girl for 10 years!
Each girl that is sponsored learns of the importance of using their own towel via monthly health education sessions and goes on to teach their children.

We are partnering with we are partnering with Myles of Great Hope for a pilot project till about December 2021.

(Bringing Youths to Christ)

This is an annual Gospel Music Award that takes place every December, its aim is to Promote, Expose and Celebrate Gospel talent in Arizona.

Date: December, 2021